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Copyright notice gives info on source files, not the packaged binaries -is that correct?


I'm writing this as I've noticed that some packages have copyright file 
filled with records for source code, while the package contains binaries.

I've CCd maintainer of one of such packages (bsdutils)

I wanted to get some clarification as I couldnt find this info via 
googling/debian pages (but I might've missed something obvious, if so - 
I'd appreciate pointing me in right direction on what should i read)

Shouldn't those package's COPYRIGHT contain info about final license 
that those binaries are distributed with?

   * yes. -> should I file a bug report for such packages?

   * no -> how can I know what license a package actually has in such 
case? Are there some officially recommended tools?
                 is there some other place where the actual pkg license 
should reside?

We are trying to do start license compliance for Docker images and are a 
bit stumped on how to proceed with such packages in Debian-based containers.

Best Regards

Alexander Mazuruk

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