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Re: Bug#979101: Legally problematic GPL-3+ readline dependency

Hi, debian-legal.

I'd like to ask for your help again in this matter.

On Thu, Jan 07, 2021 at 06:45:14PM -0300, Carlos Henrique Lima Melara wrote:
> I'm the new maintainer of devtodo and would appreciate an assistance of the
> debian-legal on the license matter. As noted, devtodo is licensed under
> GPL-2 only, although there is no boilerplate copyright on the source files.
> Taking this into consideration, would a public mail from the upstream to
> this bug be enough to change the license to GPL-2+? Or it would be necessary
> to add the boilerplate to all source files indicating GPL-2+ licensing?
> I would rather first solve this problem in the upstream instead of dealing
> with it in the packaging.

I've talked with the upstream developer and he would like to change the
license from GPL-2 to GPL-2+, but I have a question on how to proceed.

He (Alec) is the creator and main contributor to devtodo, occasionally he
had help from other as noted in the AUTHORS files, though no copyright
statements were added by these occasional contributors. For this license
change, does he have to contact everyone that sent a patch or PR, or can
he change the license as creator and main (95% of the code) contributor?

Thanks again for the help,

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