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Re: LGPLv2+ depending on (LGPLv3+ or GPLv2+) = (LGPLv3+ or GPLv2+)?

Andreas Metzler writes:
> GnuTLS is pondering a license switch from LGPLv2+ to LGPLv3+/GPLv2+ dual
> license. GnuTLS itself links dynamically against GMP which is already
> LGPLv3+/GPLv2+ dual licensed. So afaict this should not make a difference,
> gnutls rdeps already need a license which compatible with LGPLv3+ or
> GPLv2+.

I think this is OK for Debian.  The only tricky clause is Section 4 of
LGPL 3.  GMP would already make this apply to all of the programs that
use GnuTLS.  I think the difference, if any, would be what exactly is
required if someone wanted to modify GnuTLS.  That is not an issue for
Debian, since Debian releases source code for everything.

As always, I can only guess.  FTP master is the final authority for all

Walter Landry

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