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License and Copyright info for debconf translation of aide package


while reviewing the aide package for writing a machine-readable
debian/copyright file, I have stumbled up on the translations.


Oh, what a mess.

Most of the translatiosn don't have a license statement at all, some
have correctly stated that the same license as for the aide package
applies, and one translator has made an obvious cut&paste error, putting
the aide translation under the same license as the postfix package.
Since the postfix package uses a rather exotic dual-license scheme that
doesn't include a GPL variant, this is rather bad for an otherweise
GPLled package.

Most of the files have not been touched for a decade, and I doubt that
the original translators are still around.

Can I safely assume that a translation without an explicit license was
meant to be licensed with the package, which would be GPL-2+ in this
case? Or is this unlicensed work and need to be relicensed, and in the
case the original translator is no longer available, must be removed?


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