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Re: Bug#979101: Legally problematic GPL-3+ readline dependency

On Thu, 7 Jan 2021 18:45:14 -0300 Carlos Henrique Lima Melara wrote:

> Hi, folks.

Hello Carlos.

> I'm the new maintainer of devtodo and would appreciate an assistance of the
> debian-legal on the license matter. As noted, devtodo is licensed under
> GPL-2 only, although there is no boilerplate copyright on the source files.

Please note that asking upstream to switch from GPL-2 to GPL-2+ is
not the only way out from this license incompatibility issue.
See my [message] to debian-legal for more information.

[message]: <https://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2021/01/msg00010.html>

Some of these alternative strategies have already been mentioned in the
original bug report...

> Taking this into consideration, would a public mail from the upstream to
> this bug be enough to change the license to GPL-2+? Or it would be necessary
> to add the boilerplate to all source files indicating GPL-2+ licensing?

If you are going for option b (ask the copyright holders to re-license
the program from GPL-2 to GPL-2+), then the best possible outcome would
be to have them add the appropriate boilerplate to all the files.

Failing that, a centralized LICENSE or README file placed by the
copyright holders could suffice (or even a documented e-mail exchange
with all the copyright holders, as a last resort).

I hope this helps.
Thanks for taking care of this!

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