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Are ASN.1 modules code or specification?


Do we consider ASN.1 modules (e.g. the specification of
AttCertValidityPeriod in rfc 3281) to be code or specification?

On one hand the rfc coyright fixup for "code components" in newer
RFCs (post Nov 2008) explicitely includes ASN.1 modules as one of
the things being made available under BSD licenses. Which implies that
they are code, or at least that somebody thought clarification could not

On the other hand these modules are a core part of the standards the
RFCs describe, they are not fundamentally different to e.g. the BNF
notation specification of mail messages in rfc 2821.

Do we have a strong opinion in Debian about this? It is not uncommon to
directly generate C source from ASN.1 modules. We could not do this if we
considered the ASN.1 code. (Except for new RFCs and re-licensed RFCs)

TIA, cu Andreas

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