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question about licensing for ruby-spdx-licenses


I'm working on a package for a ruby library, ruby-spdx-licenses, for
which I had some questions pop to mind about licensing:

The code ships a json file that contains information about all of the
licenses that the library helps with identifying. This json file was
copied from the SPDX web site:


From what I could gather, the website specifies that all content is
covered by CC-BY 3.0:


However, I'm not completely sure that the information I found is precise

Then, I also found some mentions about some terms related to the use of
the SPDX name, which would be present in the package name and in the
description, and this is where I feel like I'm in uncertain waters (at
least for me):


"Can I use the SPDX trademark?
    Yes. It is a registered trademark so don't forget the (r)."

Do I need to add (r) after the name "SPDX" in the package description?
Is it an issue if the name "SPDX" is used in the package name itself?


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