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Re: Transity: GPL-licensed but Free only for Non-Commercials

On 15622 March 1977, Bagas Sanjaya wrote:

Recently I stumble upon Transity [https://github.com/feramhq/transity], a plain-text accounting system a la (H)Ledger.
However, when I saw the README, it says:
Transity is licensed under GPL-3.0-or-later and can be used free of charge at non-profits and for evaluation. For long-term usage, however, please make sure to purchase a license at [link redacted].
Is it acceptable for inclusion into Debian main, given the condition above?

Please contact upstream and let them clarify this. If their intent is

"It's GPL, it would be nice BUT NOT AT ALL REQUIRED that long-term users
get a license"

then it is ok. Could be worded clearer then what they did, but if its
just a wish, its ok.

If their intent is

"It's GPL, but only for non-profit and evaluation, long-term usage has
to get a license"

then it is not ok for Debian as that does not work with the chosen

And until they clarify, it is safer to go with the bad interpretation
and keep it out of Debian.

bye, Joerg

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