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Re: remote logo inclusion in package documentation

Paride Legovini writes ("remote logo inclusion in package documentation"):
> Hello debian-legal,
> The latest upstream version of a package I maintain (libmseed) ships
> with HTML documentation. The HTML documentation fetches a remote logo,
> and this triggered the privacy-breach-logo lintian tag [0].
> The logo is explicitly made available for usage by the institution
> developing the software [1], but I couldn't find its terms of use. The
> IRIS Wikipedia page includes the logo and lists it as CC BY-SA, but I'm
> not certain this information is correct.
> Do you think the HTML documentation fetching the IRIS logo can be
> included in Debian main?

No.  The lintian warning is correct.  Downloading logos in docs like
this is not only a privacy breach, but also a practical problem.
I have been on a train with no internet, trying to read some docs
which I had deliberately pre-installed, and found that each page would
take 30s to load because it had to wait for an attempted logo fetch to
time out.

If you can't establish that the logo is OK to include, you should
replace it.

In practice if you write an email to upstream they will probably
explicitly confirm the CC-BY-SA information from Wikimedia.  Have you
tried that ?


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