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BSD license + should

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I came across the Molspin package [1], which has a standard BSD 3-clause
license plus this following fourth clause[2,3]:

|4. Every use of the source code or binary form of the software should
|acknowledge the following publication:
|   MolSpin - Flexible and Extensible General Spin Dynamics Software
|   Claus Nielsen & Ilia A. Solov'yov
|   Note: The paper is submitted to Journal of Chemical Physics (Special
|         issue on spin chemistry, 2019).
I am wondering whether this is DFSG-free as this fourth clause is a
should, not a must (and it is good academic practise to cite anyway)?

If not, can you suggest a rephrasing of this clause that would make it
DFSG-free, but be similar in spirit (i.e. nudge the user to cite the
package if they publish results based on its use)?


[1] https://molspin.eu/
[2] https://molspin.eu/license
[3] Above is the one included in the release file, the one on the
website is very similar though, it just has a link to the publication
instead of mentioning it directly

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