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Re: DFSG-compatibility of a overly short license [tensorflow dependency]

Andrej Shadura writes ("Re: DFSG-compatibility of a overly short license [tensorflow dependency]"):
> The homepage of the project says (www.kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~ooura/fft.html):
> > You may use, copy, modify and distribute this code for any
> > purpose (include commercial use) and without fee. Please
> > refer to this package when you modify this code.

Oh good.

> In my opinion it is quite clear it is not disallowing redistributing
> modifications.

Please replace the licence text in the package with the text fromk the
web page, and leave some notes in debian/ in the source package about
when you retrieved the web page (and, ideally, a copy of the page).

You probably also want to send a patch to upstream to fix the LICENSE
file to agree with the website.


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