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Re: GPLv3 source code with license check for some build configuration, DFSG ok?

* Thomas Preud'homme:

> The questions I was asking in the original thread on -mentors are:
> - Is a non-ultimate build DFSG ok?
> - Does the ultimate build respect the GPLv3?
> I'm leaning towards yes (because no usage restriction, source
> available, GPLv3 which allow redistribution with or without
> modification) and no due to this stanza in GPLv3:

What does upstream have to say about this matter?

The legal situation is a bit murky here, especially if the key prompt
contains a copyright notice, whose removal is forbidden by the GPL.
In general, the GPL does give permission to patch out things like key
entry fields and key checks, but the fact that you are able to infer
that the author likely intended something else makes the GPL
declaration somewhat doubtful (despite the curious construction in
section 7 of the GPLv3).

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