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Re: Running an external JBIG2 encoder if one exists

Sean Whitton writes ("Running an external JBIG2 encoder if one exists"):
> An upcoming release of OCRmyPDF, which I maintain in Debian, will call
> jbig2 if it can be found on PATH, or gracefully degrade.  On Debian,
> this won't do anything, since we don't have that package.
> I don't have any trained intuitions about patent law, but I assume that
> the fact that OCRmyPDF contains code that looks for a jbig2 executable
> is not any kind of patent violation?

It seems unlikely to me that this would be a problem.

Not that I think you have done anything wrong, but this is probably a
good time to remind everyone of:

If you want more reassurance than "seems fine" from someone like me, I
guess you should email patents@d.o with the info requested in


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