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Re: New license review

On Mon, May 14, 2018 at 2:24 PM, Ian Jackson
<ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
> Bastien ROUCARIES writes ("New license review"):
>> May I ask a review about this license (http://lillicense.org/v1.html,
>> verbatim below)
> Ie, this one:
>> Any modification to the software submitted to the authors may be
>> incorporated into the software under the terms of this license.
> I think this is untroublesome.  It is saying that _if_ modifications
> are submitted to the upstream (impliedly, by the authors of the
> modifications), the upstreams are granted permission to redistribute.
> There is no obligation on a patch author to submit, so the licence
> condition is no problem.
> It looks like an attempt to deal with the "patches submitted with no
> signed-off-by" problem.
> I assume you are looking at some actual software you think is released
> under this licence.  There may be other problems with that specific
> software, of course, so the answer I am giving is necesssarily
> abstract.

Yes packaging node-docco https://github.com/jashkenas/docco/


> Ian.

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