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Re: Bug#897046: RFS: link-grammar/5.4.4-1 [QA upload]

Steve Langasek writes ("Re: Bug#897046: RFS: link-grammar/5.4.4-1 [QA upload]"):
> I don't think you should be taking it upon yourself to add copyright
> statements regarding debian/ contents where authors have not asserted their
> copyright up front.  There is precious little in debian/, outside of
> debian/patches/, which should generally be considered copyrightable in a
> well-done package.

I agree.

But also I would like to suggest that people editing debian/ should
explicitly add a CC0 dedication (or similar) somewhere.

The licence of debian/ needs to be comptatible with the licence of
the rest of the package, and it is often useful to copy fragments from
one debian/ to another.


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