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Re: systemd-resolved violates The Debian Free Software Guidelines

On 04/30/2018 02:28 AM, Martin Hanson wrote:


> Maybe I have misunderstood the issue completely, but I do have some experience with legal issues and AFAIK, there IS a problem here.

Effective 25 May 2018 it _might_ be a GDPR violation, but that is
probably the closest law (^1) that applies. Furthermore, it would be
Google, not Debian that is in violation.

If you claiming that the _Oracle v Google_ Appellate Court ruling
applies, that is about a different set of circumstances. Furthermore,
that case hasn't been settled, and the previous court decision isn't
necessarily rendered null and void,, because the first time through was
about a different set of legal circumstances, than the second time through.


As a practical matter, are there any globally available DNS servers,
whose formal Terms and Conditions of Service are DFSG compliant?

^1: The Philippine privacy statute, might apply, but it is restricted to
The Philippines, and, furthermore, is usually enforced on "not a friend
of the state" status. Besides which, The Philippines can't afford to
piss off a major American corporation, whilst most European countries
can almost afford to do so.

I am not a lawyer.
This is not legal advice.


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