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Re: Inquire about ECCN for Debian GNU/Linux and how to deal with revised EAR

Dear Paul and Osamu,

     Thank you for the informations.

> If you reach a conclusion, please let us know the results.

The results are as follows.

>> [1] Is the Debian operating system classified under ECCN 5D002 ?
>> On the USExportControl website (https://wiki.debian.org/USExportControl),
>> it has been described "may be" covered under ECCN 5D002.
>> This cannot treat as our confirmation,
>> so I had to ask a duplicate question as a procedure.
>> Is it still "may be"?  Are there more clearly description?

Although it may not be necessary,
I sent a notification to BIS after self classification on our items.

>> [2] Can the Debian operating system be treated as out of EAR subject
>>     under the current EAR ?
>> I think that paragraph Part 742.15(b) of the current EAR
>> is similar to paragraph Part 740.13(e) of the past EAR.
>> But there are some differences.
>> Are there no need to notify BIS again ?

It is explained in Note 1 on this page.

  Yuichi Ikeda

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