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Re: JPL Planetary Ephemeris DE405


Thanks for the response - I got in touch with Mr Folkner, and I received the following response:

"We consider the ascii and binary ephemeris files the same SPICE kernels that have exactly the same information just in a different format. The ephemeris data are then released for public use under the following conditions;


See especially sections on Kernels Distribution and Kernels Redistribution. The intent is to allow anyone to use or redistribute as long as the files/kernels are not modified."

Under my reading of their terms, it feels like a free license we can distribute the files under - they permit use, redistribution and modification as the user sees fit, and are only looking to limit their liability for support of any modified code.

Can anyone confirm or suggest why I may be wrong in this interpretation?

Thanks in advance!


On Fri, 23 Feb 2018, at 12:26 AM, Walter Landry wrote:
> Hibby <d@vehibberd.com> writes:
> > What I'm here to clarify is that I can't see a license for the ascii
> > files - I'm not sure if this fileset is something that anyone in
> > debian-legal have come across, or have any advice on what license they
> > may have been released under? I can't see anything on the JPL FTP server
> > outside of the CD Notes from the original release [5]. The contact
> > detailed on them worked at JPL 21 years ago, and I don't reckon the
> > email address is still active. 
> There is contact information at the bottom of
>   https://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/?planet_eph_export
> It references William Folkner.  He published a paper in 2014, so he may
> still be around.
> Cheer,
> Walter Landry

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