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Re: IUPAC/InChI-Trust Licence DFSG-Compliant ?

Alex Mestiashvili <amestia@rsh2.donotuse.de> writes:
> Hi,
> could you please clarify if the license below can be considered
> DFSG-compatible ?
> Section 2 doesn't sound very good, but section 3 says that GPL-2+ may be
> applied.
> Will it be fine to simply state that it is licensed under GPL-2+ and
> also include the original license in d/copyright ?

It looks a like the LGPL-2.  In any event, this license is fine as is.
If anyone wants to make modifications that are not allowed by the
existing text, then they can modify it under GPL-2+ terms.  There are
other examples in the archive of this (e.g. CECILL).

Walter Landry

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