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Re: GPL-2+ with additional trademark spice

Mihai Moldovan <ionic@ionic.de> writes:

> So for the time being, can I just tag this as GPL-2+ as usual without
> mentioning the trademark restriction part in debian/copyright?

To clarify: As said in this thread, it is not a restriction (because it
imposes no restriction that isn't already there in the absence of the
clause). I agree that it appears to be phrased as a restriction.

> Given that it doesn't affect the license itself, I think that I can
> omit this detail in the packaging.

You would do best, IMO, to put the full license grant including that
clause, into ‘debian/copyright’. Our analysis here of the clause's
effects notwithstanding, Debian Policy requires the full copyright
information in that file, and IMO this clause is part of that

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