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Re: Can we serve GFDL documentation (e.g. gcc-7-doc) on manpages.d.o?

Michael Stapelberg writes ("Can we serve GFDL documentation (e.g. gcc-7-doc) on manpages.d.o?"):
> I was operating under the assumption that we can only serve packages
> from main and contrib, but I was wondering what your thoughts are:
> Could we serve manpages from non-free packages? I m curious both in
> general and specifically about GFDL-licensed manpages such as the
> ones from gcc-7-doc.

Things in non-free all have their individual licences.  Some of them
might prohibit what manpages.d.o does.  Others don't.

I haven't looked at gcc-7-doc, but a GFDL-licenced manpage would be
legally serveable if there is no front cover text and no back cover
text and no invariant sections.  But such a manpage would be
DFSG-free, so ought to be in main, surely ?

There is also the question as to whether we want to mix
nonfree-but-maybe-redistributable-like-this documentation with
properly Free documentation.

Maybe if there *are* things we can present this way, we should present
them on manpages.nonfree.org ?


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