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Re: SHA1 implementation by Steve Reid

Carsten Leonhardt writes ("Re: SHA1 implementation by Steve Reid"):
> Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
> > And, if at any point in the future somebody takes a more legalistic
> > view and starts sending takedown notices, we can just throw away our
> > existing version based on the old RFC's code and redo the integration
> > using the nearly-identical code from the new RFC.
> Hm, the previous maintainers of bacula removed the code because of bug
> #658326, submitted 2012-02-02. The new RFC 6234 is dated "May 2011", so
> before the bug report.

There is no evidence in #658326 that anyone was aware of the new RFC.

> > So there is, I think, very little risk to us or our downstreams, of
> > leaving this situation as is - ie, there is no point going and trying
> > to weed out code based on the old RFC (even if we could somehow
> > reliably determine whether some code was based on the old RFC
> > directly, or via the new RFC with the better licence).
> I'll point upstream to this thread and ask if he'd consider using the
> code from the new RFC.

The main point of my message, which you are replying to, was that:
this is pointless makework.

> (By the way, the situation "as is" is to repackage the upstream source,
> removing sha1.[ch].)

If I were the Bacula maintainer I would drop the sha*.[ch]-related
Debian delta, in my next upload, based on the arguments I make in this


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