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does MUSIC (cosmology package) qualify as free under DFSG?

hi Debian Legal,

I would like to use the MUSIC cosmological initial conditions software


and potentially (no promises) ITP it as a Debian package. [Debian
presently has a much older package with overlapping functionality to
MUSIC: mpgrafic. I would prefer not to use MUSIC until/if it's

The problem is that the licence:


i. has "All rights reserved", which sounds like a clear intention to
state that anything not explicitly permitted is forbidden

ii. does not allow modification

iii. does not allow distribution [conditions on distribution are listed, but that could
be interpreted to mean that *if* you obtain permission from the author to distribute,
*then* this is a constraint/reminder about conditions on the private permission that
you have obtained]

iv. does not allow distribution of modified copies

v. requires obligatory citation of the software and research paper

On point v: the GPL forbids this:
"No, this is not permitted under the terms of the GPL."

On the other hand, the same GPL FAQ seems to imply that a citation requirement is legally
invalid. Does it matter if a licence has a non-enforceable (illegal) requirement that people
will generally follow voluntarily (and under academic ethics rather than legal
obligation)? Or rather: would this be accepted under DFSG?


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