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Re: Bug#875876: RFS: python-dtcwt/0.12.0-1

Em 17-09-2017 11:24, Ghislain Vaillant escreveu:
> FYI, here is the interpretation of the license by the upstream author. I asked about it back when I did the initial release, and no issue was raised by the FTP team.
> https://github.com/rjw57/dtcwt/issues/109
> It would be nice to have this matter cleared once for all, as I don't want to have to justify my work on this package every time a different sponsor comes in.

It is said that the code is BSD-2-clause. But it is also said:

"Note that the original license uses the language "use the algorithms" 
which is unclear. The code in this repo implements the DT-CWT algorithm 
and if an algorithm is covered by copyright in a given juristiction, 
any use requires referencing the original author. If algorithms are not 
copyright-able then use does not. I have no control over this and I 
don't want to try to interpret the original license." <--

It is quoted (only) on github issue:

"In return for supplying the code, all I ask is that, if
you use the algorithms, you give due reference to this work in any
papers that you write and that you let me know if you find any good
applications for the DT CWT."

Nothing is said about:

"This code is copyright and is supplied free of charge for research
purposes only...."

I do not understand why BSD-2-clasue file has an append to two restrictions
on usage:

 - ... free of charge for research only ...
 - ... all I ask is ... let me know if you find any good ... 

COPYING.txt file applies to all files. Does the append too?


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