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Re: Anki logo copyright question

> =====
> Anki's logo is copyright Alex Fraser, and is licensed under the AGPL3
> like the rest of Anki's code, but with extra provisions to allow more
> liberal use of the logo under limited conditions.

I read this as a dual licence.  That is, the user may, at their option
use the AGPLv3 permissions, subject to the AGPLv3 conditions; or they
may use this alternative licence.

I think this is (i) the only coherent way of reading this text and the
AGPLv3 (ii) almost certainly what the licence author and the copyright
holder intend.

As Mike says, the AGPLv3 source code provisions etc. make it awkward
to "sprinkle" the logo in relevant blog articles, books, etc.  This
additional permission seems to me to be clearly intended to help with
that case.

So the alternative licence does not require provision of source code.
But it has much more restrictive modification and usage conditions.

IMO in Debian we should rely on the AGPLv3 for our own purposes (so
for example, the AGPLv3 makes the licence DFSG-free), and for those of
most of our users.

However, we should retain this alternative licence text so that Debian
contributors, users and downstreams can use the unmodified logo as the
upstream project intends.  (I'm assuming that we don't wish to modify
the logo.  If we do have a reason to modify it we should consider
whether we should talk to Anki upstream about preserving this
additional permission for the modified logo.)

We should probably also put a note somewhere to remind our downstreams
that if they modify the logo, they should delete the additional
licence permission (since it becomes inapplicable, and leaving it in
would be confusing).


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