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Re: Anki logo copyright question

Julian Gilbey <jdg@debian.org> writes:

> Anki is licensed under the AGPL3 (GNU Affero General Public License
> 3), but the logo is licensed with the following conditions.

Thanky ou for providing the specific conditions here, so we can discuss
them in context.

> IANAL, and cannot work out whether these make the use more restrictive
> or less

I share your confusion. The conditions applied certainly are more
restrictive than the AGPLv3 conditions. Yet the author of the preamble
clearly intends that this grants “more liberal” license.

> =====
> Anki's logo is copyright Alex Fraser, and is licensed under the AGPL3
> like the rest of Anki's code, but with extra provisions to allow more
> liberal use of the logo under limited conditions.

You can start a dialogue with Alex Fraser to ask what “more liberal”
means here? What does Alex think is forbidden by the AGPLv3, that needs
this extra grant?

> Under the following conditions, Anki's logo may be included in blogs,
> newspaper articles, books, videos and other such material about Anki.

These actions would seem to already be licensed by the AGPLv3, without
these additonal conditions. What is Alex's position on that?

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