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File is BCP 78 or Simplified BSD? Lintian says BCP 78

Dear Debian Legal Team,

I am wondering if Lintian correctly detected a file's copyright as BCP
78, or if it's a false alarm.  I want to believe that it's a false
alarm, but have submitted a patch to make the package dfsg-free in
case it is not a false positive (Bug #868258).

The file in question is btrfs-progs/tests/sha224-256.c

I am writing to you because it seems like this might be a matter of
interpretation.  eg: that the official specification is BCP 78, but
that the code samples are Simplified BSD.  It might also be necessary
to consult two other files introduced in the same commit.  Here is
that commit:


These hashing algorithms are used to tests/fssum.c, and fssum is used
in tests/misc-tests/019-receive-clones-on-munted-subvol/test.sh.  If
you're interested here is the upstream description of the test:
# Test that an incremental send operation works when in both snapshots there are
# two directory inodes that have the same number but different generations and
# have an entry with the same name that corresponds to different inodes in each
# snapshot

I believe this test was written to test for cases where incremental
send | receive operations could result in file system corruption.  Of
course, we could trust upstream to run these tests themselves, but my
understanding of the autopkgtest initiative was that this is exactly
the sort of tests we ought to be running.


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