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Working with a non-public license

I'm a first time package creator and I could use some advice in regards to a license. I'm looking to package some proprietary software for inclusion in the non-free repo. The software is a popular game that is distributed in two parts, a commercially sold game client and an openly distributed server. I'm looking only to distribute the server part. Right now licensing seems to be governed by a "terms of service" page on the game's website that is informally written and seems to include the client, the server the website and other associated websites. This page prohibits distributing the game. I emailed the developers to get permission specifically to redistribute the server and received this response: "Redistributing our headless is fine, As long as you include a notice that all the program data and binaries still belong to us". Now I'm a bit confused as to what to do. 
  1. Do I set the license exactly as written in the email?
  2. Use the email but change it so it makes sense in context. such as "This software may be redistributed as long as a notice is included stating all program data and binaries belong to <company name>"?
Is my declaration that this email exists even sufficient?
  1.  Would it be enough to publish the email with the cryptographic headers verifying it came from the official domain?
  2. Or does a section have to added to the existing terms of service page?
  3. If a section is added do I only copy the bits that seem relevant to the server or the entire page?
  4. If the entire page do I alter it to make sense in the context such as replacing pronouns with proper nouns and such?
  5. Given the informal nature of the terms of service page would it just be best to have the server software explicitly declared to be following a license?
  6. If so, what license would I recommend for proprietary software that can be redistributed with attribution?
Thank you for your help.

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