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Licensing Issues for Proprietary Game Assets

Hi there,

I am currently packaging the game EmptyEpsilon [1] for inclusion to the
Debian non-free archive. It includes proprietary game assets for ship
models and a few other things. These packs are namely 


The licensing on these are particularly draconian:


In particular I am concerned about section 7b, which refers to 

> b. Access to Stock Media Products. You must take all reasonable and
> Industry standard measures to prevent other parties from gaining access
> to Stock Media Products. Stock Media Products must be contained in
> proprietary formats so that they cannot be opened or imported in a publicly
> available software application or framework, or extracted without reverse
> engineering. You may NOT publish or distribute Stock Media Products in any open
> format, or format encrypted with decryptable open standards (such as WebGL or
> an encrypted compression archive).

as we package de-packer in the archive already.

Furthermore I would like to know if it is possible to package data (arch: all)
and the game code (arch: any) separately as the license requires the assets
"only (...) distributed as a whole, without modifications with copies
of EmptyEpsilon"

Is it possible to package this for Debian with the asset license as is?

[1] http://emptyepsilon.org/

Kyle Robbertze 

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