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Re: is igmpproxy dfsg compliant?

> I reply myself... actually I think I have not understood your statements
> correctly, reading it again it seems that you think that the mrouted
> code is somewhat dual licensed with GPL or Stanford.txt and you can
> choose which one to apply. That's not the case, when combined into a GPL
> program both licenses are active and must be obeyed *at the same time*
> (supposing that they are compatible, which I doubt).

For what it’s worth, I am pretty sure that any version GNU GPL and ‘Stanford.txt’ are *not* compatible because of jurisdiction choice clause of the latter:

| 6. This agreement shall be construed, interpreted and applied in
| accordance with the State of California and any legal action arising
| out of this Agreement or use of the Program shall be filed in a court
| in the State of California.

However, in case authors of igmpproxy are not bound by someone else’s copyleft (I did not check that), that should not be a unresolvable problem — they are able to give an excetion to allow such a combination.  One might even argue that by distributing their work they had given an implicit exception already.

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