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Re: Freeware Public License (FPL)


first thanks for your answers.

The files we talk about are utils/sha1.cc and utils/sha1.h from[1].

I have ask the upstream author Paul E. Jones <paulej@packetizer.com>.
Here are the answer:


Sad that one would read into this more than is written.  Because it
doesn't say you can use the software to serve soup means I cannot use
it to serve soup?  No.  That's ridiculous.

I'm tell you that it means "free", entirely without any restrictions

That should be painfully clear to anyone and to say otherwise is not
honest or being painfully difficult.  Either way, I don't really care
to deal with such people.

We'll break it down:

* "freeware" is in quotes since I appreciate it is not well-defined,
but it definitely means "free".  So, I go on to explain...
* "Permission to distribute in source and binary forms", meaning it can
be sent far and wide in any form
* "Including incorporating into other products", meaning it can be used
in anyone else's software (free or not, since there are no
restrictions) and, further, any developer knows that incorporating
software often means needing to change it
* "Without fee", meaning it is free.  It's just another way of ensuring
that the word "freeware" means it is free, not something for pay
* It then goes on to say it is provided as-is and without warranty <=
that's pretty much the only restriction. I don't warrant the software
for any particular purpose and will not accept responsibility for it
not working properly

Any additional assumptions, misconceptions, etc. are just that.  As I
said, people go nuts with all of these various licenses out
there.  It's either free or it's not.  The GPL is "free" in that there
is no cost, but not "free" in that you are absolutely encumbered by
that nasty license.

Software I publish with my license is truly free without any
restrictions whatsoever.  "Oh, but it doesn't say I can make soup with
it, so it's not free!"  To that, I can only say, "You can't depend on
your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." -- Mark Twain ("A
Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court", 1889).

I even considered putting a statement on it that said "public domain"
and one person told me that "public domain" doesn't mean it's free to
use.  So, I gave up with all the licensing nonsense and put together
this "FPL" to make fun of the "GPL" and to drive home the point that it
is free -- really free.  No long-winded legal crap to digest and

You're free (and I really mean free!) to share my comments with others,
archive it for prosperity, and make it absolutely and clearly
understood that the license text (and I'll quote it below) means it is
entirely and completely unencumbered from any use whatsoever, including
serving soup.

Paul E. Jones 


[1] https://sourceforge.net/projects/simutrans/files/simutrans/120-1-3/simulinux-i86-120-1-3.zip/download

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