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Re: flask-sphinx-themes

Tobias Frost writes ("Re: flask-sphinx-themes"):
> Am Montag, den 24.10.2016, 06:07 +0200 schrieb Daniel Stender:
> > I was packaging privacyIDEA and came across this license text [1]:
> > 
> > <cut>
> > We kindly ask you to only use these themes in an unmodified manner
> > just for Flask and Flask-related products, not for unrelated
> > projects.  If you like the visual style and want to use it for
> > your own projects, please consider making some larger changes to
> > the themes (such as changing font faces, sizes, colors or
> > margins).
> > </cut>
> IMHO as they "ask": it is a wish and no obligation.
> I think this is OK in respect of the DFSG.   

I agree.


PS, Tobias, your email had wrap damage by the time it got to me.  I
had to reformat it.

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