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Re: Updating CIDER's Research Software Agreement License For Use in Ngspice

Eric Kuzmenko <eric.gralco@gmail.com> writes:

> I am not a lawyer so my advice on this matter may be erroneous.

Please note that the ‘debian-legal’ forum is also not a good one to seek
legal advice.

> Therefore, I am choosing to include the Free Software Foundation,
> Debian's legal group, and the Software Freedom Conservancy to weigh
> in; please advise us on what should be done.

Nor is the ‘debian-legal’ forum a good place for general advice about
software licensing. Our scope is limited to discussing the legal effects
on Debian recipients, of software packages that are or are proposed to
be in Debian. We don't claim to give advice beyond that.

> Here is something I believe you may be able to do (feel free to
> correct me):

A backward-sorted quote chain is not likely to be a reliable guide to
what is needed now. Could you summarise the issue, and the question
being asked of us here?

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