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Re: [Individual|Corporate] Contributor License Agreement

I've got more details about the agreements :
"libvecpf was created with the intention of being integrated later to glibc.
glibc islicensed under LGPL and, as a GNU/FSF project, requires copyright
assignment: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/why-assign.en.html
Thus, libvecpf is also licensed as LGPL and requires a copyright
If we remove the copyright assignment and accept contributions from other
people, we won't be able to contribute this code back to the glibc

There was viral effect. Is that the good way of doing, propagating this
copyright assignment ?

I guess the suggestion of Ben is not enough then ? :

> You may want to offer the idea that, instead of asking for an additional
> CLA, they could simply ask for the contributor to certify the origin of
> the contribution <URL:http://developercertificate.org/>.


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