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Re: declaring a license

Herbert Fortes writes ("declaring a license"):
> I am doing a QA for python-irc[0] and the tarball
> does not have a COPYING/License file. The statement
> is done in setpu.py file and PyPi[1] only.
> [0] - https://packages.qa.debian.org/p/python-irc.html
> [1] - https://pypi.python.org/pypi/irc/
> I talked[2] with the upstream by github 'Issues'
> about that (no COPYING/License file ) and a version
> (12.1) which had a License file declaring one
> license (LGPL) and a setpu.py file declaring the
> actual license (MIT) in the same tarball.
> [2] - https://github.com/jaraco/irc/issues/106
> Now I have an email that explicit declares one
> License to all project I can put the file in debian/.
> In the tarball you only see that in setup.py file.
> Is that enough ?

I think it is.  I would:

 * Use curl to download copies of the two github issues #99 and #106,
   and put copies of the resulting html in the source package,
   in debian/ somewhere.

 * Write a debian/copyright file stating that the whole package is
   MIT, and containing a copy of the MIT licence.  I would copy
   the text from https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT.

Good luck.


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