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Re: [Pkg-julia-devel] Linking libgit2 to OpenSSL

On Thu, Jul 28, 2016 at 02:38:47PM -0700, Josh Triplett wrote:
> I don't speak for libgit2 upstream, but yes, that license exception
> allows linking libgit2 with arbitrary non-GPL-compatible software,
> including OpenSSL.

Perfect, thank you for the confirmation.

Upstream intended the linking exception to apply to OpenSSL [1].

> That said, libgit2-dev defaults to using libcurl for https URLs rather
> than using OpenSSL directly; see THREADING.md, section "General Case".
> In such a configuration, libgit2 doesn't link to any SSL library itself,
> and just uses whatever libcurl and libssh2 use.  In Debian, the libgit2
> package uses the variant of libcurl that uses GnuTLS (I made that change
> in my NMU), and the libssh2 library uses libgcrypt, so libgit2 has no
> direct *or* indirect dependencies on OpenSSL.  So, packages licensed
> under GPLv2 with no license exceptions can link to libgit2 in Debian.

Unfortunately, libgit2 is unable to clone https:// repositories if not
linked directly to OpenSSL. I will follow up in a bug against libgit2.


[1] https://github.com/libgit2/libgit2/pull/3462#issuecomment-235990380

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