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Re: Is possible relicense from GPL to BSD?

Thanks Charles.

The distorm3 is a dependency for volatility and I am concerned.



2016-05-31 20:50 GMT-03:00 Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org>:
> if the distorm3 upstream developer fully holds the copyright on the software,
> then he can relicense as he wishes.
> However, BSD-4-Clause is a poor choice, since it is not compatible with the
> GPL, which can cause trouble to GPL-licensed projects using the distorm3 source
> code and following its updates.
> Maybe you can suggest to the author to switch to a GPL-compatible version of
> the BSD license ?  I think that he may have picked the 4-clause version only by
> inadvertance.  For instance, in the setup.py file, he declares "License :: OSI
> Approved :: BSD License", however if one looks at the licenses on the OSI
> website, the 4-clause BSD is not there.

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