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Re: Bug#814352: ITP: veracrypt -- Cross-platform on-the-fly encryption

Hi Francesco,

On  Do 18 Feb 2016 23:36:48 CET, Francesco Poli wrote:

On Thu, 18 Feb 2016 05:02:37 +0000 Mike Gabriel wrote:

On  Mi 17 Feb 2016 21:49:54 CET, Francesco Poli wrote:
> Please send the updated debian/copyright file...

Oh, I must have forgotten to attach that file. Here it comes.

Well, the so-called VeraCrypt License is just the TrueCrypt License
version 3.0 + the Apache License version 2.0.
Since both licenses apply, the situation is not really different from
the one we have discussed in the previous messages of this thread...


Thanks for your time and expertise on this again. I really appreciate having such a skilled licensing export on the Debian project.

Let's see how the ftpmasters decide on my veracrypt upload, then.


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