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Re: Bug#814352: ITP: veracrypt -- Cross-platform on-the-fly encryption

Hi again,

On  Mi 17 Feb 2016 12:39:00 CET, Mike Gabriel wrote:

I have checked tcplay and also zulucrypt-gui again. We provide veracrypt to teachers / students at school that come from the Windows realm mainly. For them, it is essential to recognize some pieces of software on our Linux environment that they have become so used to on their Windows machines. VeraCrypt (for formerly TrueCrypt) is such an application. Teachers here in Germany have to encrypt all personal data that they carry around, so they need _one_ cross platform tool for that. I'd be happy to provide that piece of software to other people in Debian (Edu).

Working on the command line (tcplay) is not an option for the teachers, we support here. And personally, I just tried out zulucrypt-gui the second time and I could not get it running as non-root. This is probably possible, I did not spend much time on this, but honestly, I prefer a solution that works right away. Also ZuluCrypt feels a little nerdy, not so user friendly as VeraCrypt currently is.

just a short follow up, why I want to see VeraCrypt installable from Debian:

The current upstream maintainers offer binary blobs of VeraCrypt for installation on Linux, also Debian.

With the binary builds, I see the issue that no exact sources of the builds are available. The builds probably have been derived from the upstream Git or source release tarballs, but who knows.


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