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Re: ISA-L license

Ondrej Novy <novy@ondrej.org> writes:

> i want to package ISA-L

Thank you for working to improve Debian, and:

> License is:

Especially thank you for finding the grant of license and conditions,
reproducing it here for discussion.

The work seems to be licensed *mostly* under the conditions you quoted.
There are some parts under different conditions (e.g. attribution-only
conditions from the Free Software Foundation), but none with
restrictions other than the primary license. Good.

The conditions – and the text itself – seems to be a straightforward
copy of the “preserve copyright notice and conditions; no endorsement”
3-clause BSD license <URL:https://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-3-Clause>.

I don't see any reason this work would fail the DFSG. Good hunting!

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