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Re: Is an AGPL2 possible?

On 18/01/16 23:40, Jonathon Love wrote:
> the AGPL3 is the GPL3 with an additional clause. is there some reason
> why an AGPL2 wouldn't be possible?

It exists, and is called the Affero GPL version 1
<http://www.affero.org/oagpl.html>; but it probably doesn't do what you
want, because it isn't GPLv2-compatible. I would recommend not licensing
anything under it.

The "Affero clause" (AGPLv1 clause 2d, AGPLv3 clause 13) adds an
additional restriction beyond those of the GPLv2, and the GPLv2 says you
can't combine GPLv2 software with other software in a way that would add
additional restrictions (beyond those of the GPLv2) to the combined work.

The AGPLv3 is only GPLv3-compatible because the GPLv3 clause 13
specifically says so, as a special exception to GPLv3 clause 7.

(I don't particularly like the AGPLv3 either, because it makes it much
less obvious whether you're in compliance than the GPLv2/v3 do, and
either restricts use or comes very close; but it is at least


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