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Re: SPIN license -- now BSD 3-Clause!

On Sat, Jan 2, 2016 at 10:52 AM, Tom Lee wrote:

> I'm interested in getting the Spin model checker into debian. Back in 2005
> there was some discussion here in [1]. At the time objections were raised
> because of licensing issues.
> Per the forwarded email below, as of January 2016 Gerard Holzmann has been
> assigned copyright of the software by Lucent & has licensed spin 6.4.5 under
> 3-clause BSD [2].
> Are there any additional legal hurdles to clear here before somebody could
> move forward RE: packaging up spin for debian?

Nice :)

Can't see any legal things that need doing but it would be nice to fix
the link to the "C Sources only" on this page, since it points to the
previous version:


More modern development practices might also be nice, especially a
public VCS (such as git) repository.




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