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Re: r-cran-afex package, violates the GPL?

Jonathon Love writes ("r-cran-afex package, violates the GPL?"):
> i've just packaged and submitted the r-cran-afex package, and it has
> been accepted
> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=797819
> but now i'm wondering if it doesn't violate the GPL2.
> it is released under GPL3+, but it has dependencies which are GPL2

Which dependencies ?  Do you mean `GPL2+' or `GPL2-only' ?

I looked at the copyright file for r-base 3.2.2-1 and there are a
couple of references to the `GNU Library General Public Licence'
without mentioning a version number.  I think someone may have to
check those files, but it seems very unlikely that a copyrightholder
who deliberately used LGPL when LGPL1 was the only version, and simply
failed to use the traditional rubric, will object to an upgrade to
(say) LGPLv2 (which is GPL3-compatible, of course).

Nothing that I saw was GPL2-only.


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