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Re: inquery about "GPL with commercial exception"

On 2015-09-30 04:38, Jeff Epler wrote:
> I was unaware of this detail of the GPLv3 license.
> The first source file that I looked at in linuxsampler's svn trunk,
> src/linuxsampler.cpp, has the "any later version" clause enabled.

a quick check shows that of the 303 sourcefiles ("*.cpp" and "*.h") in
src/, 231 have a license boilerplate that enables the "any later
version" clause.

i haven't found a single source file (yet), that explicitely contains
the non-commercial clause, but another 40 files refer to the "same
license as LinuxSampler" resp. "see README"
(most other files are either trivial or contain only a single
"copyright" line without license grant).

README contains the non-commercial clause.
in fact, README is the *only* file that mentions the restriction in the
entire tarball.


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