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Re: DFSG status of petsc

> But do we need to be pedantic about upstream pdf files?
> Our petsc distribution would be in principle be improved if we were to
> include the pdf manuals.

Yeah, I completely understand. Especially seeing as we now have things
like libreoffice-pdfimport. But the FTP masters have specifically stated
(in their "Reject FAQ") that they will reject packages with sourceless

What you could do is use libreoffice-pdfimport to create a source file,
repack the tarball and regenerate the pdfs at buildtime.

> As far as the win32 exe goes, maintenance would be simpler if we didn't
> have to generate a separate dfsg-free upstream tarball just to remove a
> file that we don't use.

If you want the PDF documentation, you'll have to repack the tarball
anyway. get-orig-source targets in debian/rules can speed
up this process for future releases.

Alternatively, you could try to contact upstream to get these issues
sorted out.

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