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Re: Inquiry about GPL v3 code linked against OpenSSL

Dear all,

in our case, the switch from OpenSSL to GnuTLS was surprisingly easy. Here you have the details: https://github.com/gnss-sdr/gnss-sdr/commit/18545077d84c02fe77b2a257a06f6d4456a1359f

GnuTLS provides the gnutls-openssl library, which is a partial implementation of OpenSSL. The library is provided by the libgnutls28-dev package. This compatibility layer is not complete and it is not intended to completely re-implement the OpenSSL API with GnuTLS (it only provides limited source-level compatibility), but it was enough for us. 

Although our case was straightforward and we didn’t find any special obstacle, I expect this could serve as a basis for other people switching from OpenSSL to GnuTLS.

Best regards,

El 15/9/2015, a las 2:00, Ben Finney <ben+debian@benfinney.id.au> escribió:

Carles Fernandez <carles.fernandez@cttc.es> writes:

thanks for your clarifications. We will opt for reimplementing our
code using GnuTLS.

Please write something about that process online, either during or soon
afterward, if you can!

Re-implementing in GnuTLS makes the licensing situation for a
copyleft-licensed work much simpler, so we would like to be able to
recommend that path more often.

It would be good for future reference to know how much effort it is to
change the code, and what specific obstacles are actually encountered.

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