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Your civil defense attorney?

Dear Mrs. Ashbaugh,

Please reply with the name, postal address, telephone number as well
as email of your civil defense attorney.

If you do not already have a civil defense attorney you need to retain
one.  After you do please let me know how to contact them.

You will shortly find yourself the respondent in my complaint for
failing in your ethical obligation to provide me with a vigorous
defense when I was falsely accused of the alleged felony of making
terrorist threats, when in reality I was performing online literature
research into the effect of software faults on aviation safety.

I shall also file an ethics complaint against you with the Bar
Association of the State of California.

Consider for example, my submission to the Forum On Risks To The
Public In Computers And Related Systems:

   Subject: Air-force pilots sleep on job?

While history will never know, it is widely thought that the tragic
loss of Flight MH370 was the result of autopilot failure while the
flight crew was asleep.

Had you but lifted a finger to obtain the evidence that would have
exonerated me, or to have an investigator interview the many
witnesses, quite likely I all by myself could have prevented the cruel
senseless deaths of hundreds of innocent people.

I will also file a complaint against the State of California in
Federal Court, for not permitting me to act Pro Se, for not providing
mental health treatment while I was in jail, for permitting Judge
LaBarbera to commit the censurable offense of writing an opinion out
of court when he ordered me to Atascadero while I was not present in
the courtroom, as well as for the cruel and inhumane treatment I
received while at Atascadero.

Nex time you're at your bank, ask for a $2.00 bill.  While not
commonly used they are in circulation.  On the back is John Trumbull's
painting "Declaration of Independence".  Of the five first and so
most-honored founding fathers standing before the signing table,
fourth from the right, the tall guy with the tall forehead, is Roger

My great uncle.

Most infuriating is that, given that I plead guilty to a felony which
never even occurred, I am no longer permitted to vote in California.

The reason America even exists, is to put a stop to such injustices as
perpetrated by people such as yourself.

Good Day,

Michael David Crawford, Consulting Software Engineer

   Available for Software Development in the Portland, Oregon Metropolitan

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