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Re: Upstream pointing to COPYING file in headers

Hi Ben,

2015-05-01 22:52 GMT-03:00 Ben Finney <ben+debian@benfinney.id.au>:
> It may be *intended* to grant some license, and that intention may be
> meaningful if a case is ever heard in court.
> But as it stands, that text does not IMO inform the recipient what they
> may and may not do with the work.
> In particular, as you point out, there is no word on whether the
> recipient may redistribute the work under “(at your option) any later
> version” of the GPL “as published by the Free Software Foundation”.

Thanks a lot for your opinion. I will consider, for a first release in
NEW, GPL-2 only and ask for upstream to change the headers. So, my
initial POV will be kept.



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