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Re: Some questions about trademark, copyright and dfsg

2) As a way to get funding and money. If a commercial company wants to support an open source project by becoming sponsor and include their logo in the software (for instance in an about menu or in the map of a game). Their logo and name are obviously trademarked and copyrighted. If I include this logo will my project be considered as dfsg friendly ? Considering the whole package except the logo and sponsors part are open and free for modifications. There is no way a company will "openly" allow their logo to be modified. In fact even debian protect its own logo.


Does that mean open source and free software project can't include sponsor logo and company name ?

There's no problem in including the company name. Including the sponsor logo would make the application slightly unfree.

Also note that some logos are so simple there's no copyright on them.

3) if a debian packager modify my software for any reason. Will they warn me about modifications ? Will they change the name to avoid any confusion between my original project and the "fork" made by debian ? Will they remove sponsor logo for instance without warning us ?

The main reason for removing a logo would precisely be in order to allow it into Debian. The name could be changed, although IMHO it's not a reason strong enough for requiring that.


PS: I think you are looking at these things from the wrong perspective,. but it's good you asked.

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