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Re: e2ps missing license

On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 8:23 PM, Denis Briand wrote:

> I intend to adopt 'e2ps' package who was orphaned (see #773952)
> In the upstream source tarball there isn't any copyright files and license
> headers in sources files.
> This package is on debian main repositories since 1999.
> For me its a DFSG-incompatible software.
> Is it in public domain?
> Should I adopt this package or request to remove it from the archives?

debian/copyright claims it is GPL with not much by way of explanation.

The upstream README.english says this:

The copyright of 'e2ps' is according to GPL.


The other README files also mention the GPL but I can't read Japanese:


It seems fairly clear that it is under some version of the GPL. If you
would like further clarity I would suggest you try to contact both the
former Debian maintainer and the original upstream maintainer to find
out the status in more detail.

Personally I would just remove it as it appears to be no longer
developed upstream and there are probably better alternatives these
days. Based on the two bug reports in Debian and Ubuntu I doubt the
code quality is very good. If there are really no alternatives I
suggest you start a new upstream project for it, do a bunch of code
quality improvement and then update to that. There might also be other
versions of it out there on the Internet or in other distros, you can
use search engines and whohas to find them:




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